Cybernetics in the Worlds are pretty common, used to replace damaged or missing limbs or other organs. Adepts, however, take the use of cybernetics and implanted technologies to the next level. Their implants are always far more advanced than anything freely available, sometimes even alien in origin, and they have used this to build an air of mysticism around what they are capable of, referring to the effects they create as “hexes” or “incantations”.

This article was originally posted on 18th January 2019 but has been updated for compatibility with the Cypher System Revised Rulebook released in September 2019.

Character design by Pascal de Jong

Character design by Pascal de Jong

Cypher System

Character Type

The Cypher System Adept character type can be used unchanged from the core rulebook, with the caveat that innate abilities attributed to “magic” must have some form of advanced technology behind them. For example, Hedge Magic can be attributed to any number of minor, low-power implants which create holograms or use magnetic force to levitate objects. Onslaught is almost certainly a weapon implant and Scan refers to a number of enhanced sensory implants linked to an AI analysis unit connected to the central nervous system.

When a Player chooses an ability for their character, the GM should have them specify how the effects are created and roughly what form of technology is involved. This can be advanced human tech or even a form of alien tech from Precursor times or previous Cycles.

Stat pools and starting attributes are as described in the Cypher System Core Rulebook.

Character Descriptor

Any Character Descriptor for Cypher System can be applied to Adepts in the Worlds.

Character Focus

Any Character Focus can be used if the Player can come up with a suitable explanation for how the effects are generated, however the following focuses are applicable to Adepts in the Worlds:

Absorbs Energy Awakens Dreams Battles Robots
Bears a Halo of Fire Blazes with radiance Brandishes an Exotic Shield
Builds Robots Calculates the Incalculable Commands Mental Powers
Conducts Weird Science Consorts with the Dead Controls Gravity
Crafts Illusions Crafts Unique Objects Dances with Dark Matter
Defends the Weak Doesn’t Do Much Employs Magnetism
Exists in Two Places at Once Exists Partially Out of Phase Focuses Mind Over Matter
Fuses Flesh and Steel Fuses Mind and Machine Keeps a Magic Ally
Masters Spells Rides the Lightning Sees Beyond
Separates Mind from Body Shepherds Spirits Shreds the Walls of the World
Siphons Power Talks to Machines Thunders
Travels Through Time Wears a Sheen of Ice Works Miracles
Works the System Would Rather Be Reading

Cyphers & Artifacts

Cyphers and Artifacts in the Worlds take the same form as in Numenera, they are advanced technology akin to magic. Whether Cyphers are human-made advanced technology or relics of previous alien occupations of the Worlds is up to the GM. Repairing and building Cyphers is possible; use the crafting rules from Numenera and from Numenera Destiny or Building Tomorrow where new Cyphers can be constructed from Iota - the scrap left behind by alien civilizations.


In addition to any background hints derived from the character descriptor, type, focus or abilities, the GM should work with the Player to decide where the Adept lies in Worlds society. It’s likely they will have been apprenticed to a master or affiliated with a guild or chapter at some point early in their career. Those contacts may be available to the character or even directing their actions, or the character may now be freelancing and acting counter to guild lore. Their implants will have come from somewhere and may require regular maintenance or upgrades; contacts there would be appropriate.